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Undeva in America, pe unde a evoluat si Savina Stanescu, jucandu-i-se cateva piese (Lenin's Shoe, Yokasta redux) se mai imtampla diferite alte proiecte....

A Closer Look
U.S./México Playwright Exchange

PART I: From the U.S. Translating Playwrights
(stay tuned for Part II: From the México playwrights)

Public Readings: November 20- 21 / Celebración: November 22


Caridad Svich on

"It's a strange, confounding, poetic, dark, funny, erotic, absurd play about a woman possibly having a nervous breakdown as she tries to find emancipation in the wake of a troubled marriage and divorce. Also, I love plays where actors get to strut their stuff, and this play allows four actors to really go for broke within a very heightened frame of realities.

I've spent a great deal of my writing life addressing varied aspects of desire and how women struggle with societal conventions and find paths of resistance, or find paths of lost-ness within restrictions imposed upon them by society. This play feels part of a continuum. It's about bodies awakened to and by their irrational impulses, about acting out and behaving badly. "
Migdalia Cruz on ALASKA...

"I fell in love with Gibran's mysterious dialogue and his shy & delicate protagonist on a journey to extreme action. I went to Scotland once—it was cold, and gray and vibrant in its darkness. As the birthplace of golf, it was also strange to me that one little ball could cause so much excitement. There must be a secret to it. In Gibran's play, this game is first full of joy and finally full of menace. Joy, menace, oddities, violence, broken-ness...this is where Alaska takes me."


Mariana Carreño-King on THEY SAY...

"The themes of the play are as relevant as they are universal: the inherent conflict between those who have too much and those who serve them, the dissolution or evolution of traditional family structures and values, the greed and manipulation by those in power and those who want a taste of that power. The idea that none of the characters are who they say they are, that they can play, and indeed be, anybody they decide to be, and still come across as utterly human: sometimes manipulative or flawed, but always human."
Henry Guzmán on

"Evocative of México’s irreverent Day of the Dead celebrations, when family and friends gather to honor and remember – with generous shots of tequila - family and friends who’ve died. However in Mariana’s comedy, two fathers return from the dead to kill, not honor, the other’s children.
And I knew immediately I wanted to translate her play.

As a writer and lawyer, I’ve championed the cause of writing and speaking in plain language against the tyranny of jargons: legalese, bureaucratese, academese, postmodernese, etc. Two Dead Men… delights in satirizing the legaldegook oratory of lawyers, apparently, a cross-cultural, multinational epidemic."

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This program is a collaboration between the Lark and Conaculta/FONCA (México's National Fund for Culture and Arts) with support from The Mexican Cultural Institute of New York, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, and our official hotel sponsor: Washington Jefferson Hotel.

NY1/NY1 Noticias is official media sponsor for the U.S./México Playwright Exchange Program.

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