vineri, 28 octombrie 2011

CASANOVA, IDENTITATE FEMININA, sambata, 29.10.2011, pe TVR3, ora 22.00


Ioana (MARIA DINULESCU), a young woman appears in an advertisment addressed to teenagers,
and causes a great anger to her family. She leaves home and starts living an independent life. She realizes that she cannot ignore the erotical loading she took upon herself after shooting the advertisment Casanova.
She goes a somewhat special road trying to recover her identity.
A pimp, Gino (COSTEL CASCAVAL) offers her the possibility to appear in several private shows, a temptation she cannot refuse, discovering an unusual but also dangerous human universe.
Cristian (MIMI BRANESCU), the creative director who shot the advertisment, accepts her in the election campaign of the entrepreneur Ionescu (PETRICA NICOLAE). Ioana, considered as a voice of openness charms many people, inclusively the entrepreneur. She invents the Casanova video-boxes, by which Ionescu, Cristian scrutinizes and discovers an authentic collective psychology , which the entrepreneur will use during the voting campaign.
Ioana’s evolution in life is typical for a young woman in today’s life,
Both her ambitions as well as her disappointments , both energies and strong will, as well as the impossibility of entirely cutting loose from the past ...


a production of


Maria Dinulescu, Mimi Branescu, Costel Casacaval,
Petrica Nicolae, Mihaela Petrisor, Theodor Danetti
Magda Catone, George Alexandru, Avram Iclozan

Sets and costumes: Mihnea Tautu
Cinematographer: Marius IVASCU
Music:Codrin Lazar
Editing: Madalin Cristescu
Choreography: Andrea Novac
Producers: Alexandru Iclozan, Marius T. Barna,
Executive producer Iclozan Alexandru
Written and directed by Marius T. Barna

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